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Block station maintenance contract


INA d.d.

Annual inspection, calibration, equipment service, repairs & interventions on the safety block systems for technological product pipelines.

Repair of gas pipeline insulation in the Central Croatia region

Delivery, installation and commissioning of gas actuators with e-LBC devices for minimum operating pipeline pressure 50 bar and taps minimum of diameter DN 300

Technical adjustment and system upgrade service for blocking devices of main gas pipelines.

Annual inspection, calibration, servicing and replacement of eLBC (electronic line break control) devices of main gas pipelines.

Interventions on eLBC devices of main gas pipelines.

Repair, service, testing, and installation of an underground 18" welding faucet.

Delivery of blocking devices on gas pipelines - for separate gas pipelines of the gas pipeline system of Lika and Dalmatia

We have successfully implemented our Pipeline Integrity Management System into Plinacro in January 2019.

Block device maintenance service

Green area maintenance serviceGreen area maintenance service

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