Energy Stability: Underground Gas Storage in Grubišno Polje

underground gas storage

On January 25, the Prime Minister of Croatia, Andrej Plenković, inaugurated the newly constructed underground gas storage, PSP Grubišno Polje. This marks the completion of the first phase of the Grubišno Polje gas storage project.

Feromihin stands as a proud contributor to this project, actively engaging in the delivery of equipment, overseeing the commissioning procedures, and diligently handling maintenance tasks.

An integral segment of the equipment, exemplified by the gas dehydration unit, carries the esteemed label of a «Croatian product.» Within this product, we have incorporated Croatian knowledge and expertise.

This facility, set to become Croatia’s second underground natural gas storage, joins the existing one in Okoli, in Sisak-Moslavina County. The initial phase encompassed the construction of the central gas station and access pipelines to the transport system, which was completed in 15 months.

Consistent natural gas supply

UGS Grubišno Polje actively strengthens energy stability, guaranteeing businesses and citizens a continuous and cost-effective natural gas supply. The comprehensive nature of this undertaking becomes apparent when considering the inauguration of gas storage, marking the completion of the first phase valued at 33 million euros. The initial phase lays the groundwork for the overall investment, estimated to reach approximately 70 million euros.

The infrastructure’s complexities are vast, encompassing a gas storage facility dedicated to gas preparation, connecting pipelines integrated into the transportation system, and a crucial link on the Plinacro main gas pipeline extending from Virovitica to Kutina. The manufactured gas dehydration unit produced by Feromihin removes residual moisture from the gas before it enters the “Plinacro” transport system.

This forward-thinking approach aligns Croatia with a trajectory toward a future free of fossil fuels, concurrently bolstering energy independence.

The Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development’s official recognition of this construction project as a strategic investment of the Republic of Croatia solidifies its status as an energy facility of exceptional importance. This designation is essential for guaranteeing the security of natural gas supply to consumers nationwide, underscoring the project’s broader significance.

This project exemplifies Croatia’s proactive stance in shaping a more resilient and sustainable energy future, with Feromihin playing a key role in achieving these ambitious goals.

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