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electronic Line Break Control

The LBC device (Line Break Control) is part of the blocking system on gas pipelines. It is a protective control device that constantly measures the pressure on the gas pipelines and, in the event of a pressure drop greater than a certain value per minute, closes the tap using an actuator.

It is mandatory that  LBC devices periodically has to be calibrated to be predefined (required) values.

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Line Break Control


Solar eLBC

Provision of gas pipeline protection services, using eLBC system for monitoring and automation of gas pipeline blockade, use of solar panels, in locations with no power supply like public city network.
Feromihin eLBC collects, processes, sends and stores  many parameters such as pipeline pressure, dynamic pressure change, temperature, valve position, pressure drop gradient, number and analysis of alarm situations, battery status and many others in accordance with customer’s specifications and needs.


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