Pipeline integrity management software solution

AYMO is state-of-the-art pipeline integrity management software for visualizing, managing, and maintaining pipelines and workflows.

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Innovative approach

Electronic Line Break Control System (eLBC)

Providing gas pipeline protection services using eLBC (electronic Line Break Control) system for monitoring and automatic blocking of gas pipelines, with power supply via solar panels, in locations where there is no possibility of connection to the public city electricity network.

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Corrosion protection

As the authorized distributor of Stopaq®, the market leader in the development of corrosion prevention products, we deal with the application of corrosion protection on pipelines and tanks. Being aware of the fact that corrosion is one of the biggest problems in the industry, we are determined to make our solutions reliable and long-lasting, which we achieve thanks to the features of Stopaq® products.

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Pipeline repair

As the exclusive regional distributor of 3X ENGINEERING®, one of the world’s leading companies for repairing damaged pipelines with composites, we offer quality and reliable solutions for repairing pipelines and tanks damaged mechanically or due to corrosion. Our solutions are based on innovative technology of applying composite materials, which restores the damaged material’s original integrity and mechanical properties, and often improves it.

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Integrated solutions for boiler room & dehydration unit

We are able to provide a complete solution for boiler rooms & dehydration unit including complete life-circle from design, production, supply, installation, commissioning to maintenance and service.

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