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Asset management system

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Asset management system

The AMS software is a centralized platform that allows for a detailed overview, search, and editing of company assets. It also displays asset related statistics and reviews planned activities.

Based on advanced analytics, the Asset Management System (AMS) enables systematic planning of preventive and predictive maintenance procedures and eliminates potential disruptions to operational and technological processes.

How it works

Examples of logical groups of resources that can be managed through AMS:

  • physical facilities (technological, business, routes)
  • equipment of individual facilities (pipes, reducers, filters, valves and actuators, safety valves, pressure gauges, corrosion protection equipment, PLC, batteries, power supply, tables, cabinets, air conditioners, ramps, fences, cameras, etc.)
  • mobile equipment (cars, tools, measuring equipment, mobile phones, protective equipment, etc.)
  • human resources
  • intellectual property (licenses)

Assets and tasks

  • Hierarchical or tabular display of assets entered into the AMS system
  • Manual entry of assets or through the “Asset Import” functionality
  • Viewing, editing, and sorting of entered assets according to desired categories
  • List of tasks created from previously defined Work Activities
  • Display all activities with deadlines
  • Convenient for tracking progress in resolving individual tasks
  • Display tasks in two sections (active and completed) for easier monitoring of job completion.


  • Centralized asset and data management  
  • Proactive, preventive maintenance and fault prediction 
  • Cost optimization through improved asset utilization and maintenance
  • Work orders, reports, and statistical data 
  • Consumable/spare parts and conversion (spare parts)

AMS system application

As part of the reactive, preventive, and predictive maintenance works between Feromihin and LNG Terminal, our team uses the AMS application to ensure the smooth execution of key activities in the oil and gas industry.

More than a project

Digital transformation

Resource tracking and monitoring

Systematic maintenance planning

AMS establishes the foundation for advanced asset management in high-risk sectors such as the oil and gas industry, providing the reliability and security crucial for business success.

The results of implementing AMS are impressive: users report increases in efficiency by 30%, quality of operational processes by 40%, and resource utilization by 15%.


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