Feromihin d.o.o.

The company Feromihin specializes in complex consulting, procurement, installation, maintenance and servicing of transport systems for oil and gas pipelines.

About our company

From the very beginning, the company has focused its efforts on activities related to the installation and maintenance of safety block stations for hydrocarbon transport systems and the processing of high-quality spare parts for high-pressure piston or centrifugal pumps and other elements of machines and assemblies. Through the continuous use of shut-off valves and actuators in its work in areas of high pressure and high risk of explosions, the company started the production of high-pressure hydraulic hoses and high-pressure fittings.

Achieving significant cooperation with renowned manufacturers of equipment for control systems and blocking devices, we have become authorized distributors and service providers for the region of Southeast Europe. This cooperation and training were important factors in carrying out the demanding tasks of inspection, maintenance, servicing, calibration and equipping of the monitoring and management system of safety blocking stations on INA process pipelines and product pipelines and Plinacro pipelines. These companies have been the biggest users of our services in recent years.

Along with regular monitoring of trends in the oil and gas industry, we have decided to develop our own device and software for monitoring the integrity of gas pipelines eLBCAYMO.


The company “Feromihin” was founded in 1992. on the family farm Martinac in Obedišće.

In the very beginnings, the company, as it is today, was primarily focused on the maintenance of security block stations and machining. With the help of the existing machines, the employees of that time, employed in production, participated in the creation of high quality products:

  • spare parts for high-pressure piston and centrifugal pumps made of stainless steel and other materials
  • various high-pressure parts with API threads and parts in accordance with European and American standards
  • high-pressure cylinders and valves for sampling gas and condensate

Along with continuous monitoring of market needs and investment in development, we achieved significant cooperation with the company “Fahlke” from Germany, which is a leading manufacturer of equipment for block stations. In addition, we became their authorized distributor and service provider for the Republic of Croatia. The aforementioned cooperation and training were key factors in carrying out the demanding tasks of inspection, maintenance, servicing, calibration and equipping of monitoring and management systems for safety block stations on gas, oil and product pipelines.

Thanks to many years of work on improving our business, in cooperation with subcontractors, we decided to manufacture an electronic LBC device, which enabled management and communication with the dispatch center in Zagreb. It is the first eLBC device produced in Croatia.

In mid-2016, the owner of the company, Mr. Martinac, decided to retire from the business and therefore sold the company to Pico Flow Controls d.o.o. In the same year, the company Feromihin changed the address of its registered office, as well as its business address, and since then it operates at the address Moslavačka 22, Novoselec.

Since then, the company has recorded steady growth, increasing the number of employees and building new business premises. Since we strive for environmental sustainability, we designed and built an industrial hall equipped with underfloor heating in order to reduce the emission of harmful substances into the environment.