Monthly Archives: April 2021

Ride the digital wave with us at Oil & Gas Automation and Digitalization Congress 2021


Oil & Gas Automation and Digitalization Congress is an annual B2B event dedicated to the latest trends in Industry 4.0 that apply to the entire value chain of the oil and gas industry: upstream, midstream, and downstream. Among other things, the following topics will be covered: digital business transformation, data and intelligent asset management, IoT, […]

How to effectively manage pipeline systems?

For decades, gas has been delivered worldwide through a network of underground supply and distribution pipelines to homes and industrial plants. Gas is considered the cleanest, safest, and most valuable energy source. Nowadays, it is one of the forms of energy on which we depend the most, which results in increased efforts of the gas […]

What is in-line inspection and why it is important in the pipeline life cycle?

From an economic point of view, in the field of transport of crude oil and natural gas, pipelines play the most important role. Pipelines are considered to be the most efficient mode of transportation. Road vehicles and tanks cannot meet the demands of market’s supply as effectively as the pipeline structure.  Did you know that […]

Pipeline inspection with the help of MFL technology

Safety and high efficiency are main and basic requirements for the transport of oil and gas through the pipeline. Leaks that occur on the pipelines can result in erosion, abrasion and unexpected damage. Whereas most oil pipeline systems are either laid in the ground or underwater, inspection is quite challenging. However, the proportion of damage […]

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