Feromihin d.o.o.

Feromihin is a specialist in demanding consultation, procurement, assembly and maintenance of high quality elements for main gas pipelines or product pipelines.

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About our company

The company is oriented to installation and maintenance safety-blocking stations of the pipeline and the product pipeline and machining of high-quality spare parts for high-pressure piston or centrifugal pumps, stainless steel and other materials.
By further refinement through the services of the gas pipeline, servicing the valves, taps and latches that work under the conditions high pressure explosive hazardous areas, the company is started with the production of high-pressure hydraulic hoses and couplings of high pressure.

Mission & Vision

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History of our company.

The company “Feromihin” was founded in 1992 on the family farm Martinac in Obedišće. Over the years, the number of employees with high and secondary education, VKV, KV and NKV workers has changed, mostly in metal and electric direction, depending on the volume and type of business. At the very beginning, the company was still focused on maintaining safety locking stations and machining because its machine park and its first employees made it possible to produce high-quality: – spare parts for high-pressure piston and centrifugal pumps, stainless steel and other materials – various high-pressure parts with API threads, and parts for laboratories according to European and American standards – high-pressure bottles and valves for taking samples of gas and condensate. Developing and continuously monitoring the needs of the market, increasing the number of workers and their training, the company has perfected its service on blocking stations, servicing valves, taps and latches working under high pressure conditions on gas pipelines and pipelines, and started manufacturing high pressure hydraulic hoses and coupling high pressure parts, obtained an isolation tester, and trained workers to repair gas pipeline insulation with an anti-corrosion band.