AYMO Solution at 27th Kazakhstan International Oil & Gas Exhibition

Aymo solution

This year, Feromihin is a participant in the prestigious event Kioge 2021 with Aymo software.

KIOGE is an authoritative platform for presentation of innovative technologies and main trends in development of oil and gas industry. Being one of the most important industry events, it promotes development of relevant economic ideas and development of specific solutions for oil and gas sector.

The organizers of the two key oil and gas events – KAZENERGY Forum and KIOGE Kazakhstan International Exhibition and Conference decided to hold the events every two years.

The event aims to highlight and discuss issues and current topics of Kazakhstan’s oil and gas industry, introduce smart technologies, and digitize oil production processes.

Early in March 2018, in Astana, a memorandum of cooperation was signed between KAZENERGY “The Kazakhstan Association of oil&gas and energy sectors” and Iteca the leading Kazakhstan exhibition company.

What is AYMO?

AYMO is a software platform for pipeline integrity management. It offers a unique and modern solution for the gas, oil, water supply and chemical industries regarding pipeline monitoring, anomaly detection, corrosion growth prediction, repair and maintenance planning, and keeping all documentation related to a particular pipeline or network.

Feromihin PIMSF (AYMO) is an integrated solution for:
1. Monitoring all pipeline elements
2. Corrosion growth prediction and control
3. Organization of complete pipeline documentation
4. Planning all necessary repairs
5. Achieving safe and long-term operation of the pipeline

Key benefits of the AYMO solution:

  • Predicting and simulating critical points in the future and preventing them,
  • Updated pipeline and infrastructure documentation required for business decisions,
  • Corrosion growth control as a measure of environmental protection policy in case of hydrocarbon emissions,
  • Work order creation time reduced by 90%,
  • Finding the optimal cost of repairs through the proposed material and method of repairs,
  • Delaying the need for IN-LINE (ILI) and NON-IN-LINE (NON-ILI) inspections based on predictive analytics,
  • Prevention of high costs in case of pipeline rehabilitation,
  • Drastic increase in the safety of the transport network is achieved by preventing the growth of corrosion in critical locations and,  preventing the leakage of pipelines that could cause catastrophic consequences in the event of a gas explosion,
  • The application is created entirely in web technologies and CLOUD and is thus globally available to operators and technical staff.

We are proud to participate in this exhibition and look forward to meeting you again at KIOGE 2022!


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