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In addition to high quality products, we also offer a variety of services nationally.
These range from engineering to approval, acceptance, installation, commissioning, aftermarket maintenance and on-site equipment interventions.


  • On-site consulting
  • Procurement of measurement devices and equipment
  • Servicing, sandblasting, assembly, disassembly, production, inspection.
  • Distribution and transport
  • Annual maintenance of block valve stations
  • Procurement, technical adjustment and installation of new devices, reserve parts and materials
  • Control and adjustment of ball valves, needle valves and pointers
  • Functional inspection and testing of block valve stations
  • General maintenance and repairs of pumps
  • Production of high pressure hoses
  • Metal machining

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Our references

Delivery of blocking devices on gas pipelines - for separate gas pipelines of the gas pipeline system of Lika and Dalmatia

Block station maintenance contract

Green area maintenance serviceGreen area maintenance service

Interventions on eLBC devices of main gas pipelines.