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Why are polyisobutene-based materials the future of corrosion protection?

For years, protection against corrosion has been one of the most important factors when designing new and planning the maintenance of existing pipelines. The existing pipeline protection methods, although they protect thousands of kilometers of pipelines, show certain shortcomings, which opens up space for new innovative solutions in the field of corrosion protection. The main […]

Pipeline inspection with the help of MFL technology

Safety and high efficiency are main and basic requirements for the transport of oil and gas through the pipeline. Leaks that occur on the pipelines can result in erosion, abrasion and unexpected damage. Whereas most oil pipeline systems are either laid in the ground or underwater, inspection is quite challenging. However, the proportion of damage […]

How corrosion management system enhances pipelines?

  Without effective corrosion management there is no successful production process. Maintaining an effective corrosion management program is key to achieving safety and high reliability in oil and gas production and operations.  Companies today rely heavily on expensive and invasive maintenance and inspection practices that often fail to spot early signs of pipeline corrosion. For […]

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