First Casing Filling with Stopaq® Casing Filler in Croatia

casing filling

Casing filling with Stopaq®

During October 2020 Zemis d.o.o., hired as subcontractor by contractor Monter SM d.d. on the project Construction of the main pipeline Zlobin – Omišalj DN 800/100 – turnkey for the client Plinacro d.o.o., performed sealing the ends of the casings at 5 locations of the pipeline and filling the annular space between the casing and gas pipeline at 2 locations (railway crossing near Zlobin, crossing of state road DC 102 over the pipeline near Omišalj on the island of Krk).

Stopaq® materials

For sealing the ends of the casings, Stopaq® materials in 4 layers were used, and to fill the casing columns, Stopaq® experts were hired, who came from the Netherlands with a specially adapted trailer to fill the casings at 2 locations.

Stopaq® Casing Filler represents the most advanced technology for insulation and protection against corrosion of working pipes within the casings.

Unlike conventional methods that included filling the annulus with concrete, casing filler remains in a semi-liquid state throughout the whole lifetime, does not harden, does not age, and enters the smallest pores on the surface of the pipe protecting it from contact with water.

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