Integration of Distributed Control System (DCS) and Safety System (ESD) cabinets

distributed control system
In Feromihin’s workshop, we assemble custom-designed distributed control systems, emergency control systems, switchboards, LV-power supply cabinets, control cabinets, and control consoles.
System assembly

Integration of system cabinets and consoles

  • 3 DCS system cabinets (2-sided)
  • 2 ESD system cabinets (2-sided)
  • 10 DCS system marshalling cabinets (2-sided)
  • 3 ESD system marshalling cabinets (2-sided)
  • 3 power distribution cabinets
  • 2 relay marshalling cabinets (2-sided)
  • 1 network cabinet -2 consoles
In-house workshop

Expertise on demand

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