How to Fix a Pipeline Leak in 5 minutes

pipeline leak

Pipeline leak pose significant risks to the environment, public safety, and the efficient functioning of critical infrastructure. Whether in the oil and gas industry, water supply systems, or other sectors relying on pipelines, the consequences of leaks can be severe.

Today’s infrastructure is unimaginable without kilometers and kilometers of pipelines transporting precious resources such as water, oil, and gas.

A safe and uninterrupted supply of these resources is essential for end users. Unfortunately, pipelines, like any construction material, are subject to wear and tear, so leaks and breakdowns can occur in cases of inadequate maintenance.

What is pipeline leaks?

A pipeline leak is an unintentional release or escape of fluids from a pipeline, such as oil, gas, water, or other substances. These leaks can occur for various reasons, including corrosion, mechanical failure, material defects, or external damage to the pipeline.

Pipeline leaks pose environmental risks, as they can contaminate soil, water, and air and present safety hazards. Detecting and addressing pipeline leaks promptly is crucial to minimizing environmental impact. This way, we ensure public safety and preserve the integrity of the infrastructure.

How do you fix a pipeline leak?

In the event of a pipeline leak, the intuitive reaction is to shut off the flow at the blocking points closest to the leak. This way, it prevents losses of resources exceeding the volume in the pipeline when closing the flow.

In some cases, the media flow must not be interrupted due to the supply of end users. Conventional rehabilitation methods, which involve emptying a section of the pipeline and cutting and installing a new section, are not applicable.

If we deal with large pipeline diameters and relatively distant blocking points, the amount of media that irreversibly goes into the environment is enormous.

For environmentally harmful mediums like oil, leakage incurs costs not only for the lost medium and infrastructure rehabilitation but also for restoring the polluted environment, penalties, and compensation. The comprehensive costs associated with leakage extend beyond the immediate impact on the medium and infrastructure. This is often measured in millions of euros, so stopping the leakage as soon as possible is crucial.

The emergency solution for a pipeline leak must be easy and quick. It must guarantee the cessation of leakage up to a specified pressure and apply immediately without disrupting the media flow through the pipeline.

STOPKiT® solution for sealing pipeline leak

Based on these assumptions, 3X Engineering developed STOPKiT®, the most effective solution for immediately repairing pipeline leaks.

STOPKiT® offers a rapid, online sealing solution within minutes and without a shutdown. This solution effectively minimizes rehabilitation costs associated with pipeline maintenance. It allows for quick and efficient interventions while maintaining a continuous flow.

The solution consists of a multi-layered flexible patch. The patch is placed directly at the leakage point and fixed with an aramid fibers band around the pipe. This distributes the load around the entire circumference.

The solution is ideal for emergency repairs. A certified employee only needs a few minutes to complete the application. The manual application completes the process using a hex key, a wrench, and a torque wrench.

STOPKiT® can be applied to different geometries (pipeline, weld, elbow) and diameters from 2″ to 56″. The technology has demonstrated its effectiveness at pressures up to 150 bar and temperatures ranging from -20°C to +150°C.

There is also a STOPKiT® option for underwater application and the STOPKiT® VESSEL for repairing leaks on tanks with diameters ranging from 58″ to 138″ and pressures up to 30 bar.

The application involves determining the exact location of the leak where the magnetic positioner is placed. The rubber patch is placed in the intended position, where strong magnets hold it. Once the patch is in position, it is important to tighten the screws to a maximum of 40 Nm and then remove the magnetic positioners.

FEROMIHIN d.o.o., a regional representative of 3X ENGINEERING, offers its clients a simple and quick solution for repairing pipeline leaks. Our experienced and trained employees will respond to various client requests in the shortest possible time. To ensure the integrity and security of your property, contact us today.

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