How to fix a pipeline leak in 5 minutes?

Today’s infrastructure is unimaginable without kilometers and kilometers of pipelines that transport precious resources such as water, oil and gas. A safe and uninterrupted supply of these resources is extremely important for end users. Unfortunately, pipelines, like any construction material, are subject to wear and tear, so in case of inadequate maintenance, leaks and breakdowns can occur.

In the event of a pipeline leak, the intuitive reaction is to shut off the flow at the blocking points closest to the leak. In this way, losses of resources greater than the volume that is in the pipeline at the moment of closing the flow are prevented. However, in some cases, the flow of media must not be interrupted due to the supply of end users, so conventional methods of rehabilitation, which involve emptying a section of the pipeline, cutting and installing a new section, are not applicable.

Also, if we are dealing with large pipeline diameters and relatively distant blocking points, the amount of media that irreversibly goes into the environment is enormous. If it is a medium that can cause environmental pollution, such as oil, the costs caused by leakage, in addition to the amount of lost medium and the rehabilitation of the infrastructure, also include the costs of rehabilitating the polluted environment, penalties and compensation, which are often measured in millions of Euros, so it is extremely important to stop the leakage as soon as possible.

The solution for emergency repairs in the case of pipeline leaks must be easy and quick to apply, ensure the stop of the leakage up to a certain pressure and, above all, has to be applicable immediately, without interrupting the flow of media through the pipeline. Based on the above assumptions, the company 3X Engineering developed STOPKiT®, the most effective solution for the immediate repair of pipeline leaks.

The solution consists of a multi-layered flexible patch that is placed directly at the point of leakage and is fixed with aramid fibers band around the pipe, which distributes the load around the entire circumference. For the application itself, a certified employee only needs a few minutes, which means that the solution is ideal for emergency repairs. The application is done manually, and all the tools that are needed are an hex key, a wrench and a torque wrench. STOPKiT® can be applied to different geometries (pipeline, weld, elbow) and to different diameters, from 2″ to 56″, and the technology has been proven up to pressures of 150 bar and at temperatures from -20°C to +150°C. The STOPKiT® option for underwater application has also been developed, as well as the STOPKiT® VESSEL for the repair of leaks on tanks with diameters from 58″ to 138″ and pressures up to 30 bar. STOPKiT® is a temporary solution for online sealing (without shutdown) within a few minutes without stopping the flow and to minimize the costs of rehabilitation.

The application itself involves determing the exact location of the leak where the magnetic positioner is placed. The rubber patch is then placed at the intended position where it is held by strong magnets. When the patch is at the position, all that is required is to tighten the screws to max. 40 Nm and remove the magnetic positioners.

FEROMIHIN d.o.o. as a regional representative of 3X ENGINEERING, is able to offer its clients a simple and quick solution for repairing pipeline leaks. The experience gained by our trained employees on many projects allows us to respond to various client requests in the shortest possible time. To ensure the integrity and security of your property, contact us today.

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