PIMSF Rebranding: We Present the Pipeline Integrity Management Software AYMO

pipeline integrity management software

Pipeline integrity management (PIM) is a state-of-the-art pipeline integrity management software for visualizing, managing and maintaining pipelines, asset integrity and workflows in oil and gas industries. Pipeline Integrity safeguards the pipeline and ensures all its components are working correctly.

This system provides a comprehensive and integrated framework of norms and rules for effective pipeline network management integrated into software and automation.

The main challenges facing pipeline system operators (midstream gas and oil companies) are comprehensive pipeline integrity management.

Current issues and challenges with software for monitoring and pipeline inspection are:

  • Undefined data structures that are not compatible
  • Reliant on consultants and subcontractors to evaluate results
  • Little to no flexibility and modularity due to legacy technology

The most detailed inspections are often quite expensive and scheduled every couple of years (ranging from 2 up to 9 years), which is a wide gap in getting the actual pipeline state information. The operators have to manually calculate the critical areas with the most corrosion growth and degradation of the pipeline or implement their solution for this calculation.

What is AYMO pipeline integrity management software?


AYMO is a software platform for managing pipeline integrity. This pipeline integrity management software provides a modular solution for the oil & gas industry and focuses on user-specific needs and straightforward workflows.

The system offers a unique and modern solution for the gas and oil industry regarding pipeline monitoring, anomaly detection, corrosion growth prediction, repair and maintenance planning, and keeping all documentation related to a particular pipeline or network.

One of the biggest challenges in the oil and gas industry is uncertainty. Pipeline operators often face aging assets, budget cuts, loss of skills within the industry, and increasing regulatory demands. AYMO aims to fully optimize the pipeline integrity management process using advanced tools that allow minimal operator input and maximum output results in cost reduction.

The software solution’s idea is that the read data is easily entered into the system and reduced to values ​​that all system users can interpret. In this way, the pipelines’ condition is monitored, whether repairs are needed, where anomalies appear and how they will be mitigated.

The key functionalities of the system 

AYMO is a cloud solution and completely web browser responsive. It is globally accessible to operators and technical staff and allows you to configure any data set regardless of hardware vendor and recording contractor. The system also provides an overview and status of each pipeline line, timely repair planning, and future corrosion growth simulation.

Main functionalities include: 

  • Vendor-neutrality

Supports any inline or non-inline inspection data provider/vendor for a comprehensive pipeline overview. The system supports data entry from any third party engaged in inspection, cleaning, or any other activity around the pipeline, normalizing the data for further interpretation and decision-making. It also reduces costs by choosing the most efficient vendors.

  • Anticipate and plan maintenance costs

The system allows creating customized work orders (dig sheet) and finding optimal repair costs through the proposed repair material and repair method.

  • Prediction and simulation 

Aymo uses advanced algorithms that allow users to simulate corrosion growth over their pipelines and make timely decisions. 

  • Modularity

Aymo is divided into modular units to provide the best functionality required by a particular transmission system operator.

  • Cloud-based 

Responsive design allows access to every part of the system from the field via any device connected to the Internet. This makes it easy to verify data, communicate, collaborate and work on the system with unobstructed access from any location.

Approach to integrity assessment and mitigation

AYMO supports pipeline integrity and risk management in all life cycle phases, from analyzing inspection data to assessing the pipeline’s risk of managing and planning mitigation actions. Four modules perform these actions:

Data configuration module

AYMO offers the possibility of importing any type of dataset for structural processing and configuration of various data inputs to match the structure for appropriate analysis.

Pre-analysis allows the operator to isolate unknown variables and entries so that they can be manually normalized in the given dataset.

Data visualisation module, simulation & prediction module

The platform uses industry standards and namespace to analyze ILI inspection data about pipeline integrity. The browser can be adjusted towards your analysis via filtering, scaling, zooming, and visualization of all data types. It is possible to access the same settings and predefined templates, reports and analyses to achieve a more effective result.

Activity & repair module

Create adjustable work orders for groups of anomalies and specify all needed activities for a repair or inspection. Assign tasks to various user roles (workers, operators, analysts) to allow for fast access and structured work breakdown. Define expenses and expense groups for various sets of repairs and fieldwork with the possibility of alternative comparison.

Field operator module

Responsive design allows for adjustment of all modules on various resolutions and device dimensions. The operator can access any system part from anywhere with a simple log-in on the AYMO platform. Amid fieldwork, the operator can access actual real-time data and updates on the platform.

Modification & verification module, alignment module

Modification and verification module is applied to specify all pipeline adjustments about isolation, cathodic protection,and other objects on the pipeline grid, collect all informative details and documents for a given pipeline and track all alterations for progress overview and pipeline activity pipeline.

Key benefits of pipeline integrity management software AYMO

AYMO is designed to provide oil and gas operators critical insights into their pipeline integrity and to promote safe and cost-efficient asset integrity management of their pipeline assets. 

This pipeline integrity management software solution has many benefits.

Extensive pipeline monitoring

Using AYMO software, operators can combine all types of inspections on one representation of a pipeline, extract most of their data through corrosion growth simulations, detections of degradation areas, and generally maintain pipelines.

Continuous monitoring of system behavior includes:

  • Regular maintenance of the complete system
  • Daily automated backup
  • System updates 
  • Updates to modules

Corrosion growth prediction 

Corrosion growth prediction and control is a measure for environmental protection in the case of hydrocarbon leakage. The software helps you predict corrosion growth on your pipelines and postpone further ILI inspections and plan maintenance plans based on the simulations.

Pipeline documentation mapping 

AYMO offers the possibility of importing any type of dataset for structural processing. All pipeline data is saved in one central data management system.

Environmental disaster prevention 

Protecting ecosystems and the environment through a policy of minimal incidents. The system anticipates and simulates critical points in the future and prevents them immediately.

Maintenance & Repair planning

The software maintains updated infrastructure information for specific and accurate decisions, anticipates and simulates critical points in the future, and prevents them immediately. Predictive analytics help remove the need or postpone upcoming ILI inspections.

Operational costs reduced

AYMO software prevents huge leakage detection and repairs costs and removes the need to postpone upcoming ILI inspections due to predictive analytics. Enhance your existing workflows, cut overall costs to the minimum and maximizing outputs at the same time. 

Best indicators of reduced costs: 

  • A repair plan creation process was reduced by 50-90%.
  • The optimal cost of repairs through the proposed repair material and method of repair.

Support for pipeline integrity management software

Current competitor software implementations are based on visualization of the imported data but cannot record additional inputs to give a broader overview of the current pipeline status.

Combining engineering domain knowledge and experience gained in the oil and gas industry, AYMO will undoubtedly become a recognizable and accepted solution in the global market in pipeline integrity management in all sectors covered by pipeline networks.

Contact us for further information or data assessment services and consulting. We provide external pipeline integrity assessment services via our consultants and data scientists to validate additional requests. Get the solution you need and maximize your return on investment.

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