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Feromihin’s first time participation in Online Congress

TOGC 2020 is the annual closed-door Congress dedicated to oil and gas transportation via pipelines including the questions of pipelines automation and digitalization, asset integrity, pipeline construction in challenging conditions, predictive analysis, the cost-effectiveness of the projects and many others. TOGC is a platform for networking between specialists from the leading pipeline operators, oil and […]

Feromihin’s S3 project was co-financed by the European Union

The company Feromihin from Novoselec near Zagreb won HRK 2.8 million in the tender Innovations in S3 areas for the project entitled “Innovations in S3 areas Feromihin”. The total value of the project is 5.9 million kuna, and it will last for 24 months. The main goal they want to achieve is the commercialization of […]

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