TOGC 2024 Highlights: Feromihin’s Solutions Reshape the Future of Oil & Gas Transport

togc 2024

TOGC 2024 (Transportation Oil & Gas Congress) is an annual event dedicated to oil and gas transportation.

The event, held in Milan from February 19th to 21st, aims to accelerate the development of sustainable solutions and pave the way for a safe and environmentally responsible energy future.

This year’s congress was a platform for dialogue and a catalyst for creating key partnerships. TOGC 2024 brought together 250 technical experts and executives worldwide who discussed industry challenges, opportunities, trends, digital transformation, sector partnerships, and market growth potential.

Among the participants were representatives of leading companies such as Bonatti, SICIM, Eni, Shell, ICGB, Exolum, OGE, DESFA, Saipem, Techint Engineering & Construction, Envibes, Wood, Emerson, Moldovagaz, and others. 


The role of pipelines in shaping a sustainable energy future

The Focus Exhibition Zone provided a unique opportunity for knowledge exchange, where more than 35 innovative companies presented their latest products – smart technologies, software solutions, and systems for monitoring and managing integrity.

Feromihin actively participated in the congress this year and introduced its solutions, AYMO and AMS. These innovations aim to increase efficiency, sustainability, and safety in the gas sector.

togc 2024 congress


Asset Management (AMS) is a system for tracking and monitoring company resources better to record the current state and history of individual resources and improve preventive or predictive maintenance planning.

Benefits of asset management with AMS:

  • AMS uses a free database, operating systems, and web servers at no cost, minimizing financial constraints.
  • An unlimited number of users can use a single license for scalable operations at no additional cost.
  • Accessible from any device.
  • Facilitates better collaboration and information flow.
  • The intuitive interface ensures easy adoption for users of all technical levels.

togc congress 2024


AYMO is a software platform for pipeline integrity management. It offers a unique and modern solution for the gas, oil, water supply, and chemical industries in terms of pipeline monitoring, anomaly detection, predicting corrosion growth, planning repairs and maintenance, and storing all documentation related to a specific pipeline or network in one place.

Key benefits of the AYMO pipeline management system:

  • Neutrality: Our system enables the integration of all data from vendors conducting inspections, ensuring a comprehensive overview of pipelines.
  • Planned maintenance: AYMO allows the creation of customized work orders and tracking progress with the Activity & Repair module.
  • Corrosion growth control: The platform uses advanced algorithms to simulate pipeline corrosion growth.
  • Pipeline overview: AYMO enables operators to customize and build virtual pipelines, aiming for better visualization during system operation.

It was a pleasure to participate in the Transportation Oil & Gas Congress 2024, listen to various industry topics, engage with colleagues, and have the opportunity to present our products and ways they can contribute to their work. We also look forward to exploring potential collaborations and partnerships that will contribute to mutual growth and success.

togc 2024

Industry progress

Experts discussed pipeline integrity, safety, creating hydrogen (H2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) infrastructure, gas pipeline damage frequency, connectivity among energy sectors in Eastern Europe and the Caspian region, and gas quality monitoring.

Peter Markussen, Executive Director of the Department for Related Activities at Energinet, delivered a presentation on infrastructure transformation by 2050 for green energy. Representatives from companies such as Petro IT, ICGB, Pietro Fiorentini, and Consolidated Contractors Company also presented their strategies for determining the role of pipelines in the energy transition.

With the support of Emerson, a leading technology and software company, the first roundtable dedicated to the importance of digital twin technology for achieving operational excellence in the mid-sector was held. Digital twins represent their physical counterparts in the real world through models, simulations, and sensor data.

TOGC 2024 concluded with enthusiasm and hope for further progress in the pipeline industry, laying the groundwork for future innovations and collaboration among key players in this dynamic sector.

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