Upcoming Opportunity to Know More about AYMO, Rio Oil&Gas

pipeline integrity

Do you care about your pipelines?

We introduce a modern solution called AYMO to help you find the answer.
AYMO is a software platform for managing pipeline integrity. It offers a unique and modern solution for the Oil&Gas industry. Whether pipeline monitoring, anomaly detection, corrosion growth prediction, repair and maintenance planning, all documentation related to a particular pipeline or network is in one place.

To learn more, visit our booth X21 at Rio Oil&Gas, scheduled for between the 26th and 29th of September 2022, at Olympic Boulevard Rio de Janeiro. Rio Oil & Gas is a place that gathers leading professionals in the market.

With more than 350 confirmed exhibitors, Rio Oil & Gas 2022 will bring together the main players in the sector in 51 thousand sq m along 6 warehouses on Boulevard Olímpico.

The organizers expect 40 thousand people visiting the Exhibition during the four days of the event, generating connections, new business and boosting the economy.

The most important brands in the oil and gas market are confirmed at Rio Oil & Gas. In 2022, the event will take place at Píer Maua, in the heart of Rio de Janeiro. It will be the stage for major industry discussions and new business development.

It is a networking space with leaders from across the industry chain.

The participation within Rio oil&gas will for sure highlight AYMO brand for people seeking new digital solutions, networking, integration experiences and news from the oil and gas market.

This is the ideal moment for increasing contacts with other brands and big names in the market.

Do not miss that opportunity & meet us there.

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