Monthly Archives: March 2023

How to fix a pipeline leak in 5 minutes?

Today’s infrastructure is unimaginable without kilometers and kilometers of pipelines that transport precious resources such as water, oil and gas. A safe and uninterrupted supply of these resources is extremely important for end users. Unfortunately, pipelines, like any construction material, are subject to wear and tear, so in case of inadequate maintenance, leaks and breakdowns […]

6 Advantages of composite wraps based on aramid fibers

Composite materials have been known to mankind since the time of ancient Mesopotamia 3400 BC. where people glued strips of wood at different angles to create plywood. The development of modern composite materials took place during World War II when glass fibers began to be used in aviation to replace heavier materials. Carbon fibers began […]

Why are polyisobutene-based materials the future of corrosion protection?

For years, protection against corrosion has been one of the most important factors when designing new and planning the maintenance of existing pipelines. The existing pipeline protection methods, although they protect thousands of kilometers of pipelines, show certain shortcomings, which opens up space for new innovative solutions in the field of corrosion protection. The main […]

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