The 39th International Scientific & Expert Meeting of Gas Professionals in Opatija

scientific and experts meeting of gas professionals in Opatija

The 39th International Scientific and Expert Meeting of Gas Professionals will be held from May 8 to 10, 2024, at the Grand Hotel Adriatic Congress Centre in Opatija. It is organized by the Croatian Gas Association (CGA), as a member of the International Gas Union (IGU), and the Croatian Gas Centre Ltd. This event is one of the most significant in Southeastern Europe.

The conference program will cover topics related to natural gas, liquefied natural gas (LNG), low-carbon solutions, interactive panel discussions, and a poster section on the latest issues in the gas economy and energy sector.

Over 500 gas and energy experts from more than 20 countries, 50 distinguished speakers, and 30 exhibitors will attend the professional meeting.

Conference programe

On the second day of the event, in front of Feromihin, Luka Klancir will present at a round table on Revolutionizing Asset Management in the Oil & Gas Industry: Predictive Analytics, Maintenance Strategies, and Digitalization.

During the introductory part, discussions will focus on natural gas market trends and the future of low-carbon energy systems. Leading experts from Croatian gas companies will participate in a panel discussion, offering insights and answers to current questions.

INA Oil Industry will discuss the potential of a new gas field in Croatia. Underground Gas Storage Ltd. will present its activities related to forming underground gas storage in Grubišno Polje.

Special emphasis will be placed on the challenges and opportunities in the decarbonization process of gas and LNG and the application of smart technologies and innovations. Discussions will also include the role of gas from renewable sources in sustainable transportation systems.

The gas equipment and technology exhibition will showcase advanced technical solutions from domestic and international industries. This meeting represents an essential forum for knowledge exchange and networking in the gas sector.

During the 39th International Scientific and Experts Meeting of Gas Professionals, Feromihin Ltd. will present modern corrosion protection technology and corrosion growth prediction, along with other Feromihin services and solutions (AMS, AYMO, AEGIS, 3x, and Stopaq), and participate in the round table.

More about Feromihin products

AMS: Asset Management System

The Asset Management System (AMS) is software that monitors and supervises company resources. It helps in understanding their current state better, analyzing previous data, and systematically planning preventive or predictive maintenance. Advanced analytics enable the minimization or complete elimination of potential disruptions in operational processes and timely notification of potential issues.

STOPAQ®: High Elasticity Corrosion Prevention Sealant Technology

A wide range of innovative and patented products with unique liquid-like properties. STOPAQ systems protect against water, oxygen, and bacteria infiltration and are the world’s most environmentally friendly corrosion prevention systems.


Feromihin has exclusive distribution rights for 3X Engineering products in the region, covering Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, and Kosovo. The company offers comprehensive, integrated services, innovative products, and technical services. These include pipe repair, tank repair, online leak sealing, and pipe and structure protection.

AEGIS: Advanced pipeline protection with structured plastic net

AEGIS is a three-dimensional, diamond-structured plastic net designed for pipeline protection in challenging environments, particularly rocky backfill scenarios.

This net is crafted from high-density polyethylene using a unique expansion technique that blends compressive strength with flexibility. The pattern provides a robust shield for pipeline corrosion coatings, ensuring the integrity and longevity of the infrastructure.

Round table

Subject: Revolutionizing Asset Management in the Oil & Gas Industry: Predictive Analytics, Maintenance Strategies, and Digitalization 

Date: May 9, 2024, 11:10 am 

Presenter: Luka Klancir 

How to join?

📌 Location: Opatija, Croatia

🏠 Venue: Grand Hotel Adriatic Congress Centre

📅 Date: Wednesday, May 8th – Friday, May 10th

➡️ Booth: 5C

Ahead of Feromihin, a broader team delegation looks forward to meeting you, engaging in discussions at our booth, and socializing after the formal parts of this year’s meeting. See you at booth number 5C!

For more information about the conference, visit the official website and join the experts in Opatija.

Meet our presenter: 

Luka Klancir

IT Director

Luka Klancir is an expert in IT solutions for the oil and gas industry and heads the IT department at Feromihin. His experience, expertise, and deep understanding of the energy IT sector contribute to developing innovative technological solutions for asset and pipeline management.

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